Monday, September 28, 2009

It wasn't our fault. The universe ended.

The universe as we know it, stopped.

Something happened and all of reality came to an end. Both Watchers and Guardians of the Universe had to join strengths to start life anew, with a little setback. We all skipped two months in time and got our heads filled with implanted memories. So, beware, whatever you thought you were doing a couple of weeks ago, didn't really happen. Whether it was a kiss, a late homework, even that wonderful milk shake you had, weren't real at all.

And so, we refused to live a lie and just stopped posting at Comics All Too Real for that month and a half that actually never happened. We're back on schedule and we're ready with some new stuff you never imaged would ever come true; not even during that time when you didn't exist, but still you think you did. But you didn't. Really. Just ask G'Nort, for some reason he holds the truth about this entire mystery.