Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You know he's bad!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you have the Twitter Disorder?

"I'm sitting on a chair."
"Coffee was great!"
"RT@somebody LOL you're so darn cool #cool."

Talk to everybody, talk to no one. That's the new way to communicate and we seem to like it. A lot.

Let me illustrate.

So, are you addicted to Twitter? I may be, I may not be. I'm going to Twitter about it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Megan Fox Got Frogged

If you think Kermit would be mourning because of Miss Piggy's passing, you better think twice. One of our paparazzi's found this revealing picture showing both Megan and Kermit butt naked in a very confident way. When we finally located Kermit, he was surprised, but not ashamed at all.

"Too bad you found those pictures, but I'm not sorry I nailed the hottest girl around." He said leaving us a little confused. That's not the regular Kermit we used to know from the Muppet's Show. We guess he just matured well.

"It had been reported earlier that you had been ran over by Miss Piggy and that you were very dead. It's obvious that's not how it happened. What can you say about this?"

"Don't judge me, I just had to get rid of Miss Piggy somehow. The dead body-- that was my nephew, remember him? It may be a little racist to say that all frogs look the same, but he did look like me!"

"You killed him????"

"Oh, no, he overdozed, I just gave his death a little more meaning."

We left the room a little upset. This was not the Kermit whose songs made us jump up and down on the couch. Fame definitely went to his head.

Friday, July 17, 2009

And the AH1N1 Winner is...

...Miss Piggy!

"I was set up!," was the last thing we heard of her before she was taken into the oven. We did hear some weird Gonzo-like laughter behind when she was being cooked, but so far, we're just guessing.

Now, she can join Kermit the Frog in the afterlife, where he was sent after getting her infectious kiss.

Thanks for helping us decide who was the Pig Zero behind the pandemia. This is the final score:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Reasons Why You Should Hate Piglet -and hold him responsible for AH1N1-

10. He doesn't really look like a pig.
9. How on Earth did he got a movie?
8. Piglet shot corny to new heights.
7. His voice doesn't suit him.
6. He cries too much already.
5. If Winnie the Pooh is annoying, Piglet doubles it.
4. Too much pink.
3. Disney is evil.
2. Eating him would be like eating cotton stuffed pork chops.
1. I hate him. (Okay, "hate" is such a strong word, but we can deal with it.)

And just because today we're being mean, here's a full trailer of Piglet's goodies!

This poll will be open until next Thursday. Make sure to cast your vote and then we'll find out which pig is the one responsible for the AH1N1! Stay tuned!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Babe: Confessions of a Pig

"It wasn't me. I've been with a lot people ever since the first movie and none of them has been ill. This I swear!" These were Babe's exact words when he was asked about him being pig zero when it came down to the Swine Flu pandemia.

"You've been called a 'freak of nature' many times, Mr. Babe. It wouldn't really surprise us that you were up to your neck concerning this very serious health issue." Our reporter said really pushing the envelope, but hey, don't blame him, he wants to work for the National Enquirer. CATR is just step one in his career.

"I'm innocent! I'm innocent!" And two big tears started to pour out of his big eyes. "If anything, I'm guilty of having too many friends. I befriended ducks and gooses and that's when the avian flu was in all its rage. Did I discriminated them back then? Sure I didn't! Because I'm not such a pig!"

"You're saying you're not a pig?"

"I am a pig!"

"Thank you a lot, Mr. Babe, that's exactly what we wanted to hear. You're a pig and everyone will know it!"

If you haven't voted yet, make sure to cast it! This poll will go one until Thursday, when we will find out which pig is the one responsible for the AH1N1! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I-I-I-I-I'm not guilty!

As the poll started last Thursday keeps going, we decided to visit another pig suspect of releasing into the world the AH1N1 Pandemia, also known as the Swine Flu. We got into an old fashioned farm and we met this famous pig with a speech problem.

"So," we asked, "there are some serious accusations about you being responsible for the Swine Flu."

"Le-le-le-let's be co-co-co-correct about this. It's called the AH1N1 flu, some just call it H1N1. To name it 'Swine Flu' is hurtful and mis-mis-mis-misleading."

"Uh. We never thought you were of the political kind of pig."

"I-I-I-I've around for quite a whi-whi-while. I just have to stand on my own."

"Anyway, we heard you had the Swine-- the AH1N1 yourself, am I right?"

"I-I-I-I just had the c-c-c-common flu, but my friends didn't take it right."

"Such friends, uh?"

"You just have no clue", and the poor pig looked real bummed down.

"So, you're saying that this pandemia is not your fault-- but the polls are pointing you as one of the toughest candidates."


"Of course, that's how people decide things these days. If they think you're guilty, then you're guilty."


"Anyway, how is this situation affecting your career?"

"W-w-w-well, there's current talk of a remake of this movie hit of mine's, 'Porky's', it was quite the thing in the 80's."

"Uh-- That movie wasn't about you--"

"Of course it was. I was this guy who liked this girl and--"

"Sorry pal, we ran out of time! Th-th-th-that's all folk!"

"H-h-h-h-hey! You're mocking me!"

"Oh, was that politically incorrect?"

Sure we were mocking him! Now, stay tuned for the next interview as we get closer and closer to the end of the Swine Flu poll. And if you haven't voted yet, VOTE NOW!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Miss Piggy Dah Pig?

When faced with the cameras and the microphones, she just said, "No! Just because I'm the most famous pig to ever live, doesn't mean that I'm the one who got the whole pandemia started. Besides, if it was me, I would have called it the 'Blonde Pandemia', or "the Cute Sneeze", you know? This is just so not me."

One of our reporters added: "Mr. Kermit might think otherwise"

And she responded in anger, "I'm not the one that ran the pink truck over him!!!!" Everyone stared at her for quite a while. "Oops"

The poll that got started yesterday will be on until next Thursday. Vote soon, vote now!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blame it on the Pig!

The rumor has been out for a while, now. The Swine Flu got spread and, thanks to a quick PR move, pigs were no longer guilty as charged. Another PR move and the entire disease got renamed into some AH1N1 Flu, doing their best to wipe the slate clean, hiding someone's guilt in the process. But we know the truth and now it's up to you to point fingers!

One of these pigs is the one to blame and you decide who it will be. Vote now and let's have some barbecue after party.

The poll will last for a week, starting-- now!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

SuperFashion 5: Mr Tumnus, Nuklon, Kid Empty, Shadow Thief, Carl Fredricksen

Fashion imitates the fantasy world and we have the pictures to prove it.

Welcome to the new edition of SuperFashion, today we have an all guys feature titled:

Men With Grace

Mr Tumnus


Kid Empty

Shadow Thief

Carl Fredricksen

Thursday, July 2, 2009

ANSM: Chucky's Challenge - Kisses and Blood

Chucky's Challenge is still on and, tonight, some more contestants will do their best to bring any sense of humanity into the mischievous doll.

On the last episode of America's Next SuperModel, we saw how the Huntress and Mystique fared in this trial. Huntress failed miserably as she got drawn into a battle with Chucky. Mystique knew better and, disguised as Chucky's bride, got an "I love you" out of him.

Back in the main hall of Chucky's manor, a few girls were sitting on the couches, wondering what their strategy should be. Crossgen's Mystic girl, Giselle, was just lying there, letting time pass. She wouldn't be the first to meet Chucky, she needed to learn from some of the other gals' experience. That's when the Huntress walked into the room with a gloomier look than usual. It was obvious her challenge didn't go that well.

"So." Giselle said trying to get the Huntress' attention. "It looks like you already ran into Chucky."

"I don't want to talk about it." Said Helena in response.

"C'mon! Don't be mean. I just want to be friendly."

Helena stared at her with such cold eyes, the room felt like the North Pole.

"Geez!" Said Giselle. "No wonder your book got canceled!"

Giselle's words fell on deaf ears, as Helena walked into her quarters and closed the door loudly.

"Don't pay attention to her," said Squirrel Girl as she was walking out of the hall, "she has this Batman complex going on. One would say she was her daughter or something."

Squirrel Girl continued her path through the manor, planning. She released a couple of squirrels that came with her and they started roaming the house like-- well, like rats. It didn't take long for one of them to come back with a message.

Playing with signs, the squirrels pointed to a bedroom, which had the door shut. Mystique made sure to lock it up to make it more difficult for the other girls to find it.

"Hello--" Squirrel Girl knocked on the door and heard a soft growl on the other side. "Is anybody there?"

"Get me out of here!" A rough and slightly childish voice came out of the room. That was the cue Squirrel Girl was waiting for. Pulling one of her pointy nails, she played a little trick on the lock and it opened, revealing Chucky pinned to the wall. "Get me down of here or I'll hunt you down and eat your guts while you're looking!"

"Ew! Gross!" Squirrel Girl frowned. "You don't even know me and you're already threatening my life. That's a big no-no, sir." She said as she moved closer and closer to the hellish creature. "Now that I think of it, you're kind of cute in your own way. You know, you look like a Cabbage Patch Doll."

"Nooooooooooooooo!" The furious scream came out of the deepest part of Chucky's soul. "I'll drag your soul to hell for this insult!"

"Cut the drama, kid." She sat down close to him. "Here's the deal. You want out, I want something from you. It's nothing personal, really, it's not as if I love you or something, but I do need proof of your affection."

"The only thing you will find is hatred and pain!"

"Look, Chichi-Chucky, can I call you Chichi-Chucky, right? Anyway, look, all you have to do is plant me a kiss and I'll set you free. I don't care what you do afterwards."

Chucky's eyes bolted as Squirrel Girl called him names, but the reddish in his eyes mellowed down as he realized the plan wasn't that bad. "Ok, come here." "Just don't bite me", said Squirrel Girl. "Ok, ok", said the evil toy sighing. And there it was, a big smooch right on Squirrel Girl's mouth. (Eeeeewwwwww!) It didn't take long for her to release him. Two seconds later, the evil doll had ran out of the room.

Chucky arrived to the main hall room, careful enough to go unnoticed and he saw Mystic's Giselle sitting on the couch connected to her iPod. Moving like a hunter after his prey, he handed a short and sharp knife and approached her with a big smile drawn on his face, savoring already what he was about to do. Without any warning, he jumped on top of her and slashed her neck, bathing in her blood and laughing maniacally.

Chocking in her own blood-- Giselle just died!

Are you horrified by the ending of this episode? You better be!
Coming up next, two more girls face this already deadly challenge!
Stay tunned!