Monday, July 13, 2009

Babe: Confessions of a Pig

"It wasn't me. I've been with a lot people ever since the first movie and none of them has been ill. This I swear!" These were Babe's exact words when he was asked about him being pig zero when it came down to the Swine Flu pandemia.

"You've been called a 'freak of nature' many times, Mr. Babe. It wouldn't really surprise us that you were up to your neck concerning this very serious health issue." Our reporter said really pushing the envelope, but hey, don't blame him, he wants to work for the National Enquirer. CATR is just step one in his career.

"I'm innocent! I'm innocent!" And two big tears started to pour out of his big eyes. "If anything, I'm guilty of having too many friends. I befriended ducks and gooses and that's when the avian flu was in all its rage. Did I discriminated them back then? Sure I didn't! Because I'm not such a pig!"

"You're saying you're not a pig?"

"I am a pig!"

"Thank you a lot, Mr. Babe, that's exactly what we wanted to hear. You're a pig and everyone will know it!"

If you haven't voted yet, make sure to cast it! This poll will go one until Thursday, when we will find out which pig is the one responsible for the AH1N1! Stay tuned!

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