Thursday, July 2, 2009

ANSM: Chucky's Challenge - Kisses and Blood

Chucky's Challenge is still on and, tonight, some more contestants will do their best to bring any sense of humanity into the mischievous doll.

On the last episode of America's Next SuperModel, we saw how the Huntress and Mystique fared in this trial. Huntress failed miserably as she got drawn into a battle with Chucky. Mystique knew better and, disguised as Chucky's bride, got an "I love you" out of him.

Back in the main hall of Chucky's manor, a few girls were sitting on the couches, wondering what their strategy should be. Crossgen's Mystic girl, Giselle, was just lying there, letting time pass. She wouldn't be the first to meet Chucky, she needed to learn from some of the other gals' experience. That's when the Huntress walked into the room with a gloomier look than usual. It was obvious her challenge didn't go that well.

"So." Giselle said trying to get the Huntress' attention. "It looks like you already ran into Chucky."

"I don't want to talk about it." Said Helena in response.

"C'mon! Don't be mean. I just want to be friendly."

Helena stared at her with such cold eyes, the room felt like the North Pole.

"Geez!" Said Giselle. "No wonder your book got canceled!"

Giselle's words fell on deaf ears, as Helena walked into her quarters and closed the door loudly.

"Don't pay attention to her," said Squirrel Girl as she was walking out of the hall, "she has this Batman complex going on. One would say she was her daughter or something."

Squirrel Girl continued her path through the manor, planning. She released a couple of squirrels that came with her and they started roaming the house like-- well, like rats. It didn't take long for one of them to come back with a message.

Playing with signs, the squirrels pointed to a bedroom, which had the door shut. Mystique made sure to lock it up to make it more difficult for the other girls to find it.

"Hello--" Squirrel Girl knocked on the door and heard a soft growl on the other side. "Is anybody there?"

"Get me out of here!" A rough and slightly childish voice came out of the room. That was the cue Squirrel Girl was waiting for. Pulling one of her pointy nails, she played a little trick on the lock and it opened, revealing Chucky pinned to the wall. "Get me down of here or I'll hunt you down and eat your guts while you're looking!"

"Ew! Gross!" Squirrel Girl frowned. "You don't even know me and you're already threatening my life. That's a big no-no, sir." She said as she moved closer and closer to the hellish creature. "Now that I think of it, you're kind of cute in your own way. You know, you look like a Cabbage Patch Doll."

"Nooooooooooooooo!" The furious scream came out of the deepest part of Chucky's soul. "I'll drag your soul to hell for this insult!"

"Cut the drama, kid." She sat down close to him. "Here's the deal. You want out, I want something from you. It's nothing personal, really, it's not as if I love you or something, but I do need proof of your affection."

"The only thing you will find is hatred and pain!"

"Look, Chichi-Chucky, can I call you Chichi-Chucky, right? Anyway, look, all you have to do is plant me a kiss and I'll set you free. I don't care what you do afterwards."

Chucky's eyes bolted as Squirrel Girl called him names, but the reddish in his eyes mellowed down as he realized the plan wasn't that bad. "Ok, come here." "Just don't bite me", said Squirrel Girl. "Ok, ok", said the evil toy sighing. And there it was, a big smooch right on Squirrel Girl's mouth. (Eeeeewwwwww!) It didn't take long for her to release him. Two seconds later, the evil doll had ran out of the room.

Chucky arrived to the main hall room, careful enough to go unnoticed and he saw Mystic's Giselle sitting on the couch connected to her iPod. Moving like a hunter after his prey, he handed a short and sharp knife and approached her with a big smile drawn on his face, savoring already what he was about to do. Without any warning, he jumped on top of her and slashed her neck, bathing in her blood and laughing maniacally.

Chocking in her own blood-- Giselle just died!

Are you horrified by the ending of this episode? You better be!
Coming up next, two more girls face this already deadly challenge!
Stay tunned!


Chucky's revenge said...

E! THS: Chucky, why is he SO mean?

Right out of the factory, he was bought by a young, promising, singer. He promptly fell in love with the doll, which became his very own Pygmalion. One tragic day, he couldn't find his Peter Pan book, so he read Pinnochio instead. The idea of injecting life into a puppet unleashed his dream of turning Chucky into a real boy. Through a Faustian pact, he sacrificed 7 virgins and flagelized his own body and face; in exchange, a Frankenstein-like creature would emerge out of the doll.

"It's alive!", he joyously proclaimed...just before he went down on the poor, innocent creature. Daily, he made a ritual of caressing the boy-doll, and performing all kinds of lascivous acts on his tender body. The sexual and psychological torture surpassed even the Rumsfeldian tactics applied on Abu-Graib POWs, or the daily iterations of Promethean suffering.

Gradually, Chucky's kind soul was obscured and his mind deranged. His hopes of being set free from the perversions of his pedophile owner almost dashed, he was contemplating dollicide when, suddenly, the chains that held him prisoner to his master's bed faltered and he was finally free: the acumulation of his torturer's pedophilyc ejaculations had, slowly but surely, corroded the metal...

As a grotesque, pale figure entered into his ghostly manor, a surprise awaited. A powerful, yet feminine, scream of horror rocked the place, before a terrified voice intoned "...a roach... help me!"

As he recovered from his cowardice-induced shock, the dimly-lit room revealed a hideous, lilliputian figure approaching...unnaturally. Just as he recognized his object of desire, the now evil creature of doom had defiled his face and deprived him of life...

As the headlines of one Michael Jackson's death engulfed the Internet and captivated the whole of a (supossedly superior) species' attention, Chucky, now a demoniacal monster, had long escaped his former prison, leaving only mutilated bodies, dismembered corpses and beheaded zombies in his wake, for no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller...

::Chucky's macabre laugh is faintly heard, as Vincent Price and his army of ghouls rise from their tombs: Bwahahahaha...::

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Ohhhhh, this was real fun to read. I'm going to take a wild guess and pretend this is Quasar. Am I right? You really should get your own blog started as in right now!

Fed vs Roddick was magical said...

My ultra-secret identity has been compromised: must use new stealth tactics!

This just in: the chinese lead-laden Mattel factory in China has been blown too pieces. A pigmy doll was seen the scene...

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Are you sure? It's a known fact that these Bratz girls are Mattel's sworn enemies...

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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