Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Very Important Message!

The entire team of "Such Friends" is here, you better pay attention to what they have to say!

Comics All Too Real proudly presents their first video ever!  Yes, it's the first, the very first one, and it came right on time for the holiday season.  We will play some more with the lights next time, but for now, this will do.

We want to thank you for visiting and sharing this space that is devoted to things that are fun, shiny and super-heroic, if we made you smile just once, our mission is fulfilled.  Here's a big cyber hug on our part (me and the toys, yeah!), wishing you a very joyful Christmas by the side of the people you love and a New Year devoted to all things that make you happy.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alma: Watch Out For Your Soul

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Alma is just the regular little girl, but strange things might happen to her-- or to you.

I ran into Rodrigo Blaas' video at IO9.  It's definitely worth watching.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Larfleeze's Secret Origin

They said the Blackest Night was bad news for everyone, which was basically true for most sentient beings-- all but Larfleeze, whose conceited soul just wanted more and more of everything, revealing an emptiness that could never be fulfilled, could it? Why wasn't this big crosso-- er, event bad for him, too, when the entire creation was shaking at its feet?

Let's go back to 1978. Disco was all the rage and this small group of funky extraterrestrials had turned Earth into their new home. With their own hit TV show titled "The Muppets", they rocked the planet with their unique relationships as they made public their very tough life, which oddly enough, seemed to be pretty funny to regular human beings. One particularly tortured soul, one of the stars of the show, actually, was devastated in his loneliness. Gonzo, a furry blue creature, just couldn't adapt as well as others to this new home. He sought love and couldn't find none, all he ever got was thousands-- millions of laughs thrown at his face, not the real affection he needed. So far, his tormented life was part of their everyday show, but when the curtains set, he did manage to keep some part of his life a secret. That's how he found frantic love in the arms of someone who's still unknown to us. The secret was sealed, but this unholy union -it was said it was an inter-species relationship-, was careless enough to spring a strange creature, alien to both races, and definitely an outsider to this world without a place in their show.

Gonzo knew his son was meant to suffer a fate far worse than his own. Fighting his decision, he held his son into his arms wanting to make that instant last forever, but he knew fairly well it was not meant to be. He had made a tough choice, but it was for his son's well being. A big sacrifice, an unforgivable one if you ask him, but it had to be done. With tears pouring out of his gigantic eyes and running down his beak, he said his supposedly last good-bye.

"Larfleeze, my son, you deserve everything in the universe." Those were the last words Gonzo's would say to his little monster, or so he thought, as muppet sent him away into an unsuspecting world, hoping for this young and ugly creature to become some sort of Superman in his new home planet. Little did Gonzo know that his words would echo for long, too long in Larfleeze's mind. "You deserve everything in the universe." "Everything." No wonder these words took a turn in Larfleeze's mouth: "Mine?"

Now, back to the Blackest Night, the pieces had been set in place for this unique reunion. Father and son would be at the heart of a confrontation of epic proportions. Father against son would decide the fate of all of humanity and their own humanity would the key to decide it all.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rainbow Brite on Rampage

Breaking news! Our sources informed us of an incredible development that is taking the entire world by surprise. Fan favorite Rainbow Brite was caught by a surveillance camera as she broke into a jewelry and stole a collection of 8 colored rings worth a fortune. Experts remain mum about the exact value of the rings, but we couldn't help but see them sweat in deep anguish. Some younglings (and a 35-year old man) who found out about the robbery were very excited about the story. When interviewed, one of them said "cool".

We never expected Rainbow Brite to have such a backbone. In the middle of the felony the ever young girl stared at the surveillance camera and said "Mine!" Yes, it was creepy; even worse than the four-letter-word.

A police officer informed us that the next step in this investigation obviously involves the Justice League, meaning things will grow cosmic. We'll keep you postsed.

Oh, miss Rainbow Brite, you've been a bad bad girl. You won't get a thing this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Such Friends: The Toys Are Home!

click to enlarge

Almost two months late, the JLI action figures finally got home, just in time to get the photo-comic started with some amazing adventures and stories that--  that at CATR Central we still have to figure out.

What new thrills will our heroes face?  Stay tuned for some not-so-epic battles and some unbelievable plot twists, as Batman's headaches reach some all-new all-different levels and G'Nort realizes what a wonderful place the world is without a Guy Gardner.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CATR abucted. Cow, too.

You must have already noticed the lack of posts as of a few days ago.  Truth is, Comics All Too Real, its entire staff and the complete office has been abducted by aliens.  The investigation is on, but you can already guess you won't be able to see any of the endearing entries you like so much, at least for a few weeks. 

One of our secret sources, the Martian Manhunter, said that the aliens would be releasing us after the first week of December, so, there you have a date to look forward.

In the meanwhile, the cast of "Such Friends" (the action figures) should be arriving anytime now, so expect some goodies when we get unabducted.

For now, I can tell you the space ship where we've been held prisoners is huge and smells like cow.  Bad rotten cow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wallpapers All Too Real: Such Friends

Because no on asked for it, we bring you the official wallpaper for your new Comics All Too Real's segment called "Such Heroes". If you're wondering, no, we still haven't got the action figures, but we can still do some warm up.

In four different sizes, choose the wallpaper that works best for your computer.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Such Friends P2: Big Heroes!

Continuing with the prequels for the "Such Friends" new segment, we're giving you some Superman and Batman insight on what's to come. Courtesy of Geovanny's birthday gift (the Batman and Superman action figures) and some other stuff I also got on my special day.

Click to enlarge.

This is my first "photo-comic", so any imput will be welcome. I'm also playing with the settings of my camera and fighting with Illustrator. All in all, it took me long hours of fun and a little frustration when things didn't turn out right.

The cardboard that was the entire background (the Blue Beetle thingy revealed in the last frame) was part of my birthday party. My couple and some friends put their heads together to surprise me and they did! They also made this giant Booster Gold cardboard. Both will be stuck in my bedroom's walls! Thanks, guys! It's no wonder the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are some of my very favorite characters!

Soon, the two Justice League International sets that have already been released will be arriving. Which means 8 wonderful action figures to play with. So, wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Such Friends - Prequel: I'm the Leader!

In celebration of my birthday and the gift I'm about to receive (a bunch of JLI action figures thanks to eBay), Comics All Too Real gladly presents this new segment called "Such Friends". In a blend of toys, comic book, tv shows and stars galore, we'll follow the adventures of the Justice League International most of us loved so badly.

If you're too young, you might not get the jokes, so I highly recommend you get the JLI trade paperbacks and enjoy the funniest run on the Justice League ever. Yeah. It was funny.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Super-Heroes get real!

A friend of mine handed me these great pictures and I just had to share them with you, guys! Truth is Super-Heroes were never this political. What do you think?

The original pictures were taken (or photoshoped) by Agan Harahap (alias Toyib) from Yakarta, Indonesia.

You can find the original entry at the "Nicho Creativo" blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wallpapers All Too Real: Petit Heroes - The Atom

Wallpapers All Too Real is back with a new series that we're calling "Petit Heroes", using original background photos taken by yours truly. This first set features the most famous small hero in the DC Universe: The Atom!

In four different sizes, choose the wallpaper that works best for your computer.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Off with the Pig, In with the Gaga

They said Miss Piggy was done. That her success was a 70's thing, maybe even 80's, that her best was already past.

Well, let us tell them wrong.

Miss Piggy reinvented herself with the hit song "Porky Face". With a very unique style, she hit number 1 in a flash, leaving behind her past affairs with the Muppets and definitely, her long lost tormented love with Kermit the Frog.

She now calls herself Miss Gaga and she's up for the biggest success of her career.

So, sing along!

Can’t read my, can’t read my
No, he can’t read my Porky face

(she’s got to love nobody)

P-P-P-Porky face, P-P-Porky face

(Mum mum mum mah)
P-P-P-Porky face, P-P-Porky face
(Mum mum mum mah)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grey's Anatomy got the green light!

They said Grey's Anatomy needed a new edge.

The producers asked certain Guardians of the Galaxy for some advice and they just got it.

Things will never be the same!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

SuperFashion 6: Foxy Ladies & Weirdoes

SuperFashion is back with a bang. Today, Comics All Too Real proudly presents:

Foxy Ladies & Weirdoes

Killer Frost

Sailor Mercury

Gen-13's Roxy

The Inhumans' Medusa


JLE's Beefeater

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aquaman can talk to some fish!

From the depths of the ocean comes "Aquaman's Lament". It's heartbreaking yet so so true.


I first ran into this video over at Comics Make No Sense.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ask Emma: Vampires Don't Do Diaries

After a little hiatus due to the end of the world, we're back and we're happy to introduce our newest segment. We hired Emma Frost to be the host. Enjoy.

Dear Miss Frost:

My name is Elena. I'm some sort of the regular girl, well a little of the hyper white teeth and skinny type, you know, the regular TV girl. Both of my parents died off-panel in a car accident and I've been coping with it the only way I can: writing on my diary. You must be wondering why I don't have a LiveJournal or something, but it's just that I'm a little old fashioned and I want to use pen and paper, not that there's anything wrong with that. I live with my brother and my young aunt who's trying so hard to become a "parental" figure, not that she's doing very well. I mean, she still has zits.

Anyway, I met this gorgeous guy. He's just like Edward on "Twilight", only less blue. But he does have that same aura and puppy-eyed deal. Still, there's something very wrong with him. I mean, ever since he appeared, everyone around me has been dropping dead bitten by gigantic mosquitoes on their necks. Also, he plays these weird disappearances, much like Clark Kent-- So, I'm officially confused. Oh, and he does the diary stuff as well. What are the odds?! Well, Stefan, the guy I like, has this brother, Damon, who is way more handsome than him, but for some reason I have to like Stefan better. Don't ask. I have no clue on what's going on. I heard some rumor about Damon eating a friend of mine, but that can't be true, can it?

As you can see, I'm so troubled I don't know what to do. I like Stefan so much but-- Please give me some advise.



* * * * *

Elena, honey, you're dealing with vampires. All you had to do was to take a little look at the title of your show: "The Vampire Diaries". The diary issue won't last long before it becomes boring, so I wonder why they chose it in the first place, but since it's not the issue at hand, I'll drop it. Well, I don't have to be a psychic to realize that you're going to be stuck between both vampire brothers, all I had to do was to look at the poster, and it will become an ongoing plot, I mean, an ongoing issue for quite a while, just feed well in case they get hungry. You're way too skinny and you'll need all of the blood you can get.

I suggest you read "Twilight", the book. Do some study on Bella. She's much like you, only a little more interesting. Get some tips. As for Stefan, I really don't know what to say. Girls tend to love the good troubled vampires like Edward and Bill; while being attracted to the very hot and bad vamps like Erick and Damon. It's your choice, just keep in mind that you're still mindless food to them. You know, like a hamburger. You'll get bitten at one time or another. It's unavoidable.

On the other hand, hon, are you ready to deal with such an immature vampire like Stefan? He's hundreds of years old and he still has teenage issues. If you stay with him you'll become his mother, is that who you want to become?

So, my advice is that you have to see the entire picture before making a choice. Oh, and drop the tragedy act, it grew old already. Lana Lang is so last century.

By the way, your friend Bonnie, has one eye displaced.


Emma Frost

Monday, September 28, 2009

It wasn't our fault. The universe ended.

The universe as we know it, stopped.

Something happened and all of reality came to an end. Both Watchers and Guardians of the Universe had to join strengths to start life anew, with a little setback. We all skipped two months in time and got our heads filled with implanted memories. So, beware, whatever you thought you were doing a couple of weeks ago, didn't really happen. Whether it was a kiss, a late homework, even that wonderful milk shake you had, weren't real at all.

And so, we refused to live a lie and just stopped posting at Comics All Too Real for that month and a half that actually never happened. We're back on schedule and we're ready with some new stuff you never imaged would ever come true; not even during that time when you didn't exist, but still you think you did. But you didn't. Really. Just ask G'Nort, for some reason he holds the truth about this entire mystery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you have the Twitter Disorder?

"I'm sitting on a chair."
"Coffee was great!"
"RT@somebody LOL you're so darn cool #cool."

Talk to everybody, talk to no one. That's the new way to communicate and we seem to like it. A lot.

Let me illustrate.

So, are you addicted to Twitter? I may be, I may not be. I'm going to Twitter about it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Megan Fox Got Frogged

If you think Kermit would be mourning because of Miss Piggy's passing, you better think twice. One of our paparazzi's found this revealing picture showing both Megan and Kermit butt naked in a very confident way. When we finally located Kermit, he was surprised, but not ashamed at all.

"Too bad you found those pictures, but I'm not sorry I nailed the hottest girl around." He said leaving us a little confused. That's not the regular Kermit we used to know from the Muppet's Show. We guess he just matured well.

"It had been reported earlier that you had been ran over by Miss Piggy and that you were very dead. It's obvious that's not how it happened. What can you say about this?"

"Don't judge me, I just had to get rid of Miss Piggy somehow. The dead body-- that was my nephew, remember him? It may be a little racist to say that all frogs look the same, but he did look like me!"

"You killed him????"

"Oh, no, he overdozed, I just gave his death a little more meaning."

We left the room a little upset. This was not the Kermit whose songs made us jump up and down on the couch. Fame definitely went to his head.

Friday, July 17, 2009

And the AH1N1 Winner is...

...Miss Piggy!

"I was set up!," was the last thing we heard of her before she was taken into the oven. We did hear some weird Gonzo-like laughter behind when she was being cooked, but so far, we're just guessing.

Now, she can join Kermit the Frog in the afterlife, where he was sent after getting her infectious kiss.

Thanks for helping us decide who was the Pig Zero behind the pandemia. This is the final score:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Reasons Why You Should Hate Piglet -and hold him responsible for AH1N1-

10. He doesn't really look like a pig.
9. How on Earth did he got a movie?
8. Piglet shot corny to new heights.
7. His voice doesn't suit him.
6. He cries too much already.
5. If Winnie the Pooh is annoying, Piglet doubles it.
4. Too much pink.
3. Disney is evil.
2. Eating him would be like eating cotton stuffed pork chops.
1. I hate him. (Okay, "hate" is such a strong word, but we can deal with it.)

And just because today we're being mean, here's a full trailer of Piglet's goodies!

This poll will be open until next Thursday. Make sure to cast your vote and then we'll find out which pig is the one responsible for the AH1N1! Stay tuned!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Babe: Confessions of a Pig

"It wasn't me. I've been with a lot people ever since the first movie and none of them has been ill. This I swear!" These were Babe's exact words when he was asked about him being pig zero when it came down to the Swine Flu pandemia.

"You've been called a 'freak of nature' many times, Mr. Babe. It wouldn't really surprise us that you were up to your neck concerning this very serious health issue." Our reporter said really pushing the envelope, but hey, don't blame him, he wants to work for the National Enquirer. CATR is just step one in his career.

"I'm innocent! I'm innocent!" And two big tears started to pour out of his big eyes. "If anything, I'm guilty of having too many friends. I befriended ducks and gooses and that's when the avian flu was in all its rage. Did I discriminated them back then? Sure I didn't! Because I'm not such a pig!"

"You're saying you're not a pig?"

"I am a pig!"

"Thank you a lot, Mr. Babe, that's exactly what we wanted to hear. You're a pig and everyone will know it!"

If you haven't voted yet, make sure to cast it! This poll will go one until Thursday, when we will find out which pig is the one responsible for the AH1N1! Stay tuned!

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