Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mystery of the Super-Discs Revealed!

"You're too lame."  "The Power-Puff Girls are cooler than you!"  "So, you talk to the fish?  Bwah-hahaha!"  Aquaman has heard it all, mostly negative, respect has never been on his side and even the Blue Beetle played a few pranks against him.  That's when he decided to take on a new crusade to regain some respect.

"Talking to the fish has never been the issue.  Can you talk to the undersea creatures?  And you call me lame?"  Aquaman told us during a quick interview with an obvious defensive tone.  "I have a cool power but I know someone has been stealing my thunder for ages and it's about time I find out for sure."

It was no mystery for us since we already know where Aquaman "discs" ended up.  We asked Ant-Man about them and this is what he told us.  "Discs?  You mean my telepathic powers to command all kind of insect creatures!"  We nodded in agreement.  "And you say I stole it from Namor?"  We had to clarify a little about which King of the Seas we were talking about.  "These discs belong to me, I never saw a ® in them when I grabbed them.  And so, I claimed and so, they're  mine.  And so, this conversation is over."

The mystery was solved but the copyright issue was still in the air.

"I'm suing his six legs and antennae for this!", yelled Aquaman when he found out.  We wish him luck.

Before we left, we asked the Aquadude about Aqualad and he ran away in tears.

The Ant-Man beautiful black & white portrait was done by Chris Samnee.