Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a Baddie

The image belongs to Sy-Fi's "Being Human" show.

Bitten by a Kryptonian Vampire, Aidan suffers a transformation like none other.

When the full moon is shining in the sky and there's no Blur in sight, he grows rocky scales and feeds on people's blood.  He's a tortured soul who only wants to live a normal life, have an apartment and maybe share it with a werewolf or a ghost, or both.  You know, the regular life.

But we all know it won't be easy, not when certain reporter who hides behind big glasses happens to live just across the street.  Their clash will be of epic proportions.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Aquaman's Last Story

Image based on Marvel Comics' cover for Heroes For Hire, April 2011.

It was a cloudy and stormy night, but Aquaman was happy like a fish. That is, if fishes can be happy at all since it has been said they're quite stupid.  Swimming through the Seven Seas, the man who could talk to scaly beings was enjoying himself after spending the afternoon having tea at the Hall of Justice, when WHAM! (the sound effect, not the 80's band) he got stuck between a hard place and some sharp teeth.

It was a very short story, but they say these days, readers want resolution pretty fast.

As an afterthought, I will leave you with this idea:  Do you want Aquaman sushi?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confessions of a Queen of Hearts

"I told her I was done with her asking me for rabbits for her FarmVille farm, I told her!", insisted the Queen of Hearts.  "And what's with her posting 'I'm bored', 'I'm hungry', 'I'm having lunch'--?  Who cares?  I really don't.  And it also grows annoying everytime she says she's partying wild and she's high on something.  'I'm visiting Neverland this time!'  'The weather at Oz is good'  Can you believe her?  She's the role model for kids these days?"  The Queen laid back in her throne and sighed.  "I unfriended her already.  Actually, I blocked her.  And can you believe she started a fanpage named 'Cross your HEART and hope to DIE'?  Obviously that was aimed at me.  I'm really fed up with that child's passive agressiveness.  I really hope she chokes on the next mushroom she eats."