Saturday, May 16, 2009

ANSM: Chucky's Challenge - Blades and Arrows

Previously, on America's Next SuperModel: The new challenge is on. The girls will visit the immense Chucky Manor at night; they have to find Chucky and bring some sense of humanity into his cold self. Ten girls remain: Aeon Flux, Barbarella, Giselle, Huntress, Mystique, Red Sonja, She-Hulk, She-Ra, Squirrel Girl and Zatanna. Who will be America's Next SuperModel? Read on!

This was a rainy and stormy night-- Well, it wasn't. Actually, it'd be sunny if it wasn't that the sun was at the other side of the world. Still, the 10 girls walked into Chucky Manor with a very well thought plan, at least some of them, while some others were quite ready to improvise.

The schedule determined they would have dinner first, and so, they sat at this big Adams Family table and started to eat. The meat was actually quite tasty.

"I've never had such a wonderful meal," said Squirrel Girl, "what's this meat?"

"It's human flesh," said Red Sonja as she continued eating; when all of the other girls stopped cold.

Later on, in the bathroom, some ugly noises were heard right after Barbarella came in.

"Are you alright?," asked Giselle from the other side of the door.

"Don't worry," claimed Barbarella with a chocking voice. "I was gaining some weight, anyway, and this will do wonders for me. That's what current models do, anyway."

As the night continued, the girls were allowed to roam Chucky Mannor.

Huntress never thought of herself as a lucky woman, but tonight, she'd prove herself wrong-- or not. As she walked through one of the cold and dark hallways, she overheard a quiet sobbing coming from one of the rooms. Very carefully, she opened the door. "Is anybody here?" The sobbing was quite childlike and it worried her that a stranded kid could be hiding in there. Definitely the worst place to choose. "Where are you?" She turned the light of one of her gadgets on and saw this redheaded boy crying face down over a very old bed. It didn't take a genius to figure out it was Chucky. She got ready in an instant. She would have to be as charming as ever if she wanted to win this challenge. "Chucky, is that you? If you feel bad I can help you--" Carefully, she moved close to him, and that's when she saw Chucky's horrid face. She felt like puking, but held back. As she could, she smiled caringly and that's when Chucky jumped on her face with a sharp knife in his hand.

Huntress jumped to the side and rolled on the floor as she barely escaped the blade. "I'm not your enemy!", she yelled, "I'm here to help." Chucky smiled and simply said, "no, you're here as my toy and I will do with you as I please." Realizing there was no way for her to accomplish her challenge, the Huntress grabbed her crossbow and pinned Chucky to the wall. "I will kill you!", screamed the criminal doll in anger. "Be my guest," she said somewhat upset as she walked out of the room. She had failed in the test in charming him, but no way she was going to lose a battle against some silly doll.

Just as the Huntress walked out, Mystique came out of the shadows and moved towards the entrance of the room. Using her shapeshifting powers, she became Chucky's Bride. With a slow and convenient walk to make herself noticeable, she got into the room and looked in "horror" at Chucky as he was pinned to the wall. "Chucky...", she said apparently heartbroken. "Tiffany?", asked Chucky, opening his eyes so widely that one of them fell out of his sockets. "You're alive? I thought they had killed you--" The girl toy approached Chucky. "That's what they told you because they didn't want us to be together. But they will never keep us apart, never!" And she broke into a hyperdramatic laughter that gave a shiver to any living or dead creature.

"I love you, Chucky." She said expecting to hear his answer echoing her voice of love, and thus, win the challenge. "But I don't love you anymore, Tiffany. I moved on and you're just too damn ugly for me." Mystique couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Say you love me or I'll cut your head off." Chucky's eye got filled with tears as he felt a new rush of love cursing through his veins. "Oh, Tiffany, I had forgotten how lovely you were-- Silly toy am I, am I not?" "Yeah, you're silly, now, tell me you love me and I'll set you free." "I love you, Tiffany." As soon as Chucky spoke, a new blade ran through Chucky's chest, pinning him even further against the wall. "Thank you," said Mystique as she regained her original shape, "you're as disposable as all the men I've know. With you it's just easier, you fugly creature." And with her blue walk, she left the room leaving behind very a furious doll.

Two girls faced the Chucky Challenge, eight girls remain. Stay tuned as another set of SuperModels have the time of their lives with the deadliest doll of all!


Metalero y comiquero!! said...

Y bien, ganaste lo de tweeter?

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

El "challenge" termina en 6 semanas, así que ahí veremos. Pero por lo que sé, llevo la delantera :)

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