Monday, May 4, 2009

America's Next SuperModel: Chucky's Love

After Tyra Bank's kidnap by Aliens, G'Nort's light change into a Blue Lantern and a little creative breakdown, the show is back. As you all remember, 10 girls remain, but only one of them will be America's Next SuperModel!

Tonight, we have a very special guest star who will play a definite role in the upcoming challenge. Welcome Chucky, one of the most beloved and unique dolls in Hollywood. This time, Chucky will mean the death of one of the girls; that is, the girl who fails this test of love. Listen. The girls will visit the immense Chucky Manor at night; they have to find Chucky and bring some sense of humanity into him. Possibly a simple task, but Chucky has other ideas in mind.

"I will slaughter them all", said Chucky behind his sunglasses as he drank some iced tea handed by the producer's assistant, "they think they're so impressive, but they have yet to try my kind of love." He did some censored hip moves that we can't repeat online and then added, "it's just a matter of marketing. My fans expect me to kill them, so I will. Nothing personal."

So, will all of our superheroines survive the upcoming challenge? We don't think so. These are the girls: Aeon Flux, Barbarella, Giselle, Huntress, Mystique, Red Sonja, She-Hulk, She-Ra, Squirrel Girl and Zatanna.

We wish them the best-- or not.

Coming up next, the challenge!


Sea-of-Green said...

Squirrel Girl will survive! She always does! :-)

Sky of Blue is really my evil twin sister. She locked me up in a room for the entire month of April. I didn't escape until May 1!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

So, Squirrel Girl has a fan, but she also has a detractor in Wargo, lol.

Poor Sky of Blue, she was growing in me. She must know Bart Simpson's evil twin, as well.

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