Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dollhouse Renewed! But What About the Actives?

There is going to be a Season 2 for the Fox TV Show "Dollhouse". People all over the net are jumping in joy asking more and more questions, but it looks like we will have to hold our breath for a few months to find out what we want.

Of course, we're not waiting that long.

We tried to reach Echo, but she was somewhat hibernating. That or she had the personality of a carrot on and she couldn't answer the cellphone. That's what happens when a doll reaches celebrity. It goes directly to their empty airhead.

And speaking of no-brainers, rumors have already started about some changes in the story, more specifically, about the Actives. They need a bigger audience and they will try some new tricks to make their ratings grow. We ran into Barbie and after letting her brag some about beating Bratz (yes, she's still onto that), she let out something that might be a lead for things to come. "I'm a doll and I will be in a house that is not exactly the one I took from Ken after the divorce." She was cryptic, that's for sure, but we think she was reading a script. No way she could have thought all that by herself. Still, the rumor is there. Will Barbie become an Active? She does have the wardrobe to fit, but what about the talent? And, no, her movies don't count.

Following Barbie's statement trail, we reached Ken who seemed to have a new partner in life, someone you might already know because of his recent movie-- "Snikt!" Hmph! We're not allowed to mention the name of this new guy, but we can say he does have a metagene--

"So, Mr. Ken," we asked, "do you know anything about Barbie and Dollhouse?"

"I have no clue about her, but I can say that Joss simply loved me. I tried for a part and I blew him away." We were about to make a funny, but his x-boyfriend looked at us even funnier so we remained shut. That's when we found out we're extremely allergic to Adamantium.

"After playing a lead role in the Barbie movies," we said, "it's reasonable to say that you do have some experience in the acting field; but do you really think you're ready for a Whedon show? As an Active, you should be able to display all kind of roles and personalities."

"Talent is my thing, you know." Said Ken as he combed his hair with his hand. "I acted into loving Barbie for years and I performed greatly. I moved on, of course, but my name is still out there. I'm the most famous masculine doll of the world."

"Yeah, sure, everybody knows you-- There are plenty of jokes about you--" The x-boyfriend gave us that look again and we had to remain quiet. Way to get rid of the fun in the interview. "One thing we do have to admit, Ken, is that you really know how to hook up with the rich and the famous."

"That's my thing." He concluded with a smile which, oddly enough, sparkled like a lighthouse in the room.

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