Friday, May 8, 2015

Meanwhile, in the 90s-- The New Warriors!

These six youngsters joined arms in The New Wariors #1, under the guiding hands of Fabian Nicieza, fantastic writer, and Mark Bagley, talented artist. The formula wasn't something new, it was clear as water that they were trying to emulate the New Teen Titans' success, but did they hit a home run with this series!

There's a lesson in here. Copies aren't always a bad thing if you can give them their own flavor and a lot of heart.

Before the era of big crossovers and life-changing events, there was a time when a comic book series could stand on its own if it was good enough and you could hold the entire run in your hands and read it from beginning to end without plot interruptions. It was such a joyful experience and it makes me wonder what new readers are missing these days.

I still wonder if any current run could survive without the extra push that a crossover can give. Because great runs like this one didn't need anything else to keep going and it did bring together a strong fanbase that, even to these days, they keep asking for this team to come back to life. Okay, I know there was another New Warriors run last year that didn't last, sadly. But maybe the environment of today's comics has become so hostile that if it's not dark and gritty and involved in a mega-saga, it just won't work-- There's some food for thought in here.

Anyway, I was so glad to find out a few days ago that Comixology has the first part of the original New Warriros run in its page; it is covering issues 1-17 and annuals 1 and 2 as of now. Obviously, it's not the complete series, but they're at least paying some attention to this title and I couldn't be happier for it. And the new digitalized pages do look great!

Well. I just have to say this out loud before I go. I had a letter printed in New Warriors #28. I swear it made me the happiest fanboy ever!
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