Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Power Girl Out Before Things Got Started

Power Girl didn't make it to America's Next SuperModel and here's the little truth behind her rejection.

PG was confident she would get the part, after all, she's strong, she has just the right attitude when she's had a soft soda and her costume focuses on her biggest assets. You would assume her role in the show was a given-- well, you're wrong, because Tyra Banks, one of the hosts of ANSM, thought otherwise.

"We have to be very careful on what message we're sending to the kids out there", said Tyra with a hint of envy. "This show is about beauty and heroism, not about cosmetic surgery." We asked her if she was certain about her accusations and she concluded. "Power Girl isn't even sure about her own origin! You ask me; she's no role model!"

On her part, Kara was brokenhearted and furious. "These are mine! I didn't buy them! Look at them, they're the ****** of steel for a reason! Look at them!" Apparently, G'Nort looked too much into them, because both of his eyes blackened real fast courtesy to Power Girl's fists. That was our cue to leave.


Wargo said...

Primer!!!! (tenia que hacerl, tenia que hacerlo... XD). Mira, habitualmente no comento por no enterarme de nada... pero es que esa imagen de power girl y sus dos... poderes... me ha llegado al alma..

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Pues sí, sus poderes son impresionantes. Y pobre, porque ahora parece que está en la mira de prensa. Quién sabe qué más le irá a pasar... nya-hahahaha!

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