Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Superhero Hotline featuring Robin

-Oh, Robin, you're just the guy I was looking for.
-I'm glad to serve, sir. Please state your emergency and we'll see what we can do for you.
-"We?" I was only thinking of you. It's not as if I wanted you two at the same time. It would be a little overwhelming--
-I'm the sidekick, sir. Batman is the one with the experience. I always follow his lead.
-Well, I hadn't considered it that way-- Would the two of you be okay with it?
-Sure, sir, you should see Batman do his acrobatics and he has all kind of wonderful toys in his Batbelt.
-Now, Robin, I think we have a deal. So, how you charge?
-Holy business, sir! We do it for free!
-What? As in a hobby?
-Of course, sir, we're devoted to the people.
-No wonder you have so many fans.
-You flatter us, sir, we just do what we can to please everybody.
-Well, when can I get the two of you into my place?
-Just state your emergency and address and we'll be on our way.

From the other side of the Batcave:
-Robin, will you hang up the phone?
-Give me a second, sir. Batman, why should I do that? This man has an emergency!
-Just hang up, Robin. That call is not what you think it is.
-Holey phoney calls, Batman!

Back on the phone. Robin:
-Sir, I have to hang up. You're not tricking me this time! This death trap has the whole stink of the Penguin!

At the other side of the Batcave, Batman just sighed.


Sea-of-Green said...

LOL! I always loved that old Batphone. I always imagined Robin and Batgirl making crank calls on it when Batman wasn't looking. ;-)

CATR's Chris said...

Yeah! The batphone was one of the coolest items in the batcave. I wanted one when I was a kid!

Tomoyo Tsukihiro said...

Hahahaha!! Luv it!

CATR's Chris said...

Glad you liked the dumb sexy Robin on the phone. XD

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