Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Write Your Own Dialogue! - Red and Blue

This month, Comics All Too Real is turning 2 years old.  Just like last year, classes have been hectic just around this time, forcing me to spend more and more time in stuff I don't like that much:  classes.  Part of the celebration plans included running this new blog section named "Write Your Own Dialogue" (yeah, I know, it should have been called "Dialogues All Too Real" or something like that, but what the hey.) 

I had it running in  CATRS's Fanpage in Facebook and it went something like this:  I posted an image with blank balloons and CATR's friends would submit their dialogues.  It was a fun and enjoyable experiment and it will be an ongoing thing.  This is what we got!  Credit is going where it's due and submissions are posted in alphabetical order.  I did a little spelling and grammar fixing, I hope you don't mind :)

Angie Martínez

Erica Smith

Jeremy Billadeau

Jorge Masís

Natalia Reise


Angie said...

I likes Natalia's comments! Haha!

CATR's Chris said...

Yeah! She knew what she wanted!

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