Sunday, September 5, 2010

When in Argentina, who do you call? - Part 1

You call the UFA!

But who are these people?  What does UFA stand for?  Do you even know Spanish?  You better learn some fast, because the "Unión Fantásticos Argentinos" has arrived and they're sooooooooo willing to stay.  Their name translate into something like "Fantastic Union of Argentinians," FUA for short, but we're not really sure if you can translate acronyms at all, so, let's stick to UFA for now.

Anyway, who are they?  What's their motivation?  Whose asses they're going to kick?  If you take a look at our first picture, you might have some clue.

If they're kicking Marvel's and DC's heroes alike, are they villains? We asked them and they said they were heroic and way beyond that. We'll take their word. Anyway, we'll save their motivations for a follow-up article, for now, let's get to know them.

Meet Sickman!
Leader of the UFA,
he's so powerful, he's sick!

Meet Molécula!
Almost Sickman's sidekick!
And we mean it: almost!

Meet Chicken Boy!
Beloved by kids,
feared by Colonel Sanders!

Meet Rat Bad!
He's bad, he's a rat,
you don't want to have him over for dinner!

Meet Flush-Man!
The cleanest of all
he just flushes your troubles away!

Together, the Unión Fantásticos Argentinos is the very first Argentinian superteam.  You better watch out!

Coming soon:  Live action UFA!

Art by Leo Pérez, check out their blog at Unión Fantásticos Argentinos (el comic) and visit their Facebook fanpage.

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