Friday, June 1, 2012

JSA: Could this book happen?

The artwork of this beautiful piece is by Jim Taylor, with inks by Jeff Austin.  And it is very dear to me because yours truly did the colors.  I hope you like it, share as much as you want.

Is there room for the old Justice Society of America?  DC's new 52 is already giving us a hipper version of this team, with new and young versions of the Justice Society of America we all knew.  But in an universe where everything is minty-fresh and new, what happens with the classics?  The JSA certainly has a following, THIS JSA.  And while the new one may be a new experience, the old flavor is also missed by most.

This magnificent piece was done by Jim Taylor, with inks by Jeff Ausing and colors by Christian Zamora, in hope that DC would listen.  Do you want this JSA to happen?  We certainly do.

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