Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What if Spider-Man were as sexy as Spider-Woman?


Strayed Wayfarer said...

Speaking as a bisexual guy, he is. And Marvel's artists have often shown his sexy butt from suggestive angles. Look at the classic cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #30 by artist J. Scott Campbell, where Spidey poses in precisely this pose. For some strange reason, nobody was outraged by it though.

PS: As a teenager, I had the hots for Nightcrawler. Another slim athletic twink type in a skin-tight suit that rode up his crack and accentuated every muscle to the point of looking like body paint. Like Spidey, he too was frequently drawn in rather erotic poses when he bamfed through the air or squatted on rooftops. And don't get me started on DC's Nightwing...

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