Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing: Writing with the Stars!

Welcome to “Writing with the Stars”. This is a new ongoing thingy for Comics All Too Real, both the blog and the Facebook fanpage.

How does it work? Very simple. Over at the fanpage we submit an image and you get to write a short story with it. You write it in a Note in your profile and then share the link in the fanpage. The rounds may vary, but when each run comes to a close, the stories will be published both in both CATR formats (blog and fanpage), full credits, of course, and you’ll be awarded with a CATR No-Prize! If by any reason we got a zillion of entries, fans would decide which ones are the winners and the ones to be posted.

Simple, uh?

Later on today the first image will be posted in the fanpage, so get ready!

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