Friday, February 4, 2011

People With Muppet's Eyes - Part 1

Have you ever heard of the "Muppets with People's Eyes" pictures? If you haven't, just do a little Googling and you will find them. Now, this is just the opposite. A genius idea that came out of Luis Méndez González' twisted mind and the we, at Comics All Too Real, just decided to milk.

Without any further introduction, we leave you with this first part in a series that will explore the twisted looks of men and women with Muppet's eyes!

Brad Pitt shows  his feral side
as he wears this beautiful set of Animal eyes.
Available in a zoo near you.

They say Kermit is the noblest among the Muppets.  
Does this stand true as Adam Sandler wears his eyes?

Jim Parsons gives life to one of the brightest geniuses
of our time: Sheldon Cooper.
We've all heard about him, but we were just wondering
if he would get any smarter 
if he had the eyes of yet another scientist:  Bleeker.

Sean Connery has been everything from a secret agent
to some sort of private detective monk.  
Now, he bears a new title, a critic, thanks to Waldorf's eyes.

Liked the?  Hated them?  There's more to come very soon!

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