Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year Resolution of the Super-Heroes!

Just like all of us, super-heroes are also quite sensitive about the New Year that's just getting started. Some promises are meant to be broken, but they will do their best to hold onto their New Year Resolutions.

Huntress and Catman

Kingdom Come Superman
Spider-Man Noir

Blue Beetle

And what's your New Year's Resolution?


Baal said...

Where is that insane picture of Supergirl from? Thank goodness I wasn'td rinking anything corrosive (again) or my poor monitor would be a goner!

DiegoDNM said...

JAjajajajjajajaja La de Blue Beetle es brutal, me encanta.

Ojalá hagan barbies de Supergirl y me las compre todas XD

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Baal, you can find a bigger version of this picture of Supergirl's in this link:
It's from March 2009's DC Comics solicitation.

Diego, qué bueno que te gustaron :) También fue divertido ponerles el texto, jeje.

TF said...

Superman / Robin : WIN

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

They're happy.

Saranga said...

That Supergirl statue looks lovely.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Yeah! It does!

Swinebread said...


David Stewart said...

Blue Beetle made me cry!!1

CATR's Chris said...

Yeah, poor thing. I'm also waiting for his revival. It's just been taking ages!

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