Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jade + Obsidian = Baron Ashura?

The formula is simple and you need to learn it well.  Put an ounce of Jade, add some Obsidian shadows, put it into the microwave under a green light and you get a meanie two-faced androgyne villain, not that there's anything wrong with being androgine, but when it relates with Baron Ashura everything's bad bad bad.  Two faces are always meaner than one and Jadesidian did know it fairly well.

Thing is there's a rumor that Baron Ashura is fighting the Justice League and the Justice Society from a secret spot in Japan.  Yes, we thought he/she was dead, but we all know how it is with the revolving door that is death.  Could he/she be planning some more gender attacks against the Leagues?  Who would be put into the blender next time?  Guy Gardner and Power Girl?  Now, that would be something worth watching.

Stay tuned as things get androgynous--

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