Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starsearchers-- IN SPACE!

Look up into the sky, harder, harder. I think you’d like to get a telescope first--

Anyway, the Starsearchers is a group of space adventurers inspired by the original Star Trek, the Legion of Super-Heroes and, of course, Josie & and the Pussycats in Outer Space. It’s a magic formula, just don’t try it at home. It’s explosive and glamorous.

Starsearchers is a dramatic and delicious sci-fi / super-heroics adventure. Michael Lash got the inspiration when he was a kid through his comic books and TV shows and, years later, he joined artist Dean Lee to finally give form to this fun concept.

I won’t give away the story, but I’ll let you know that it gets started with lots of action, a battle in space and a very dramatic turning point for one of the new members of the Starsearchers.  You’ve been warned.  You might need some popcorn to read it.

There are plenty of different characters for you to like and root for them, they’re like 20 members! From the gelatinous K’zle, who has enhanced strength and can regrow his arms; to Starlette, who’s considered a goddess in some planets; Overthink, the twisted leader of the group; Bluu, who can manipulate gravity and has a fashion sense; and even Vamp, a bloodeater who just happens to drink blood, like some famous characters in other media minus the sobbing.  This is just a sample of characters, just like the Legion of Super-Heroes, they're quite a bunch.

This is a work of love and it’s entirely free in the Starsearchers fanpage in Facebook, so take a look and go directly to the photo section. Issues 1 to 5, plus a delightful Halloween Special are waiting for you, and remember to say “hello”, Michael and Dean are quite the welcoming hosts.  You might like hanging out a bit.

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