Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poll: "If I was a supervillain, how would you call me?"

Over at Comics All Too Real's fanpage we asked this question and we got a lot of replies.  That's why, we, at CATR central, decided to run a poll as part of the "1.000 likes" celebration.  The winner will get the credits and hopefully, I'll get one of my artist friends to re-create this character under a villainous light, displaying proudly her new name.  Nothing fancy, but the winner would be able to link this post in his/her resumé (or not).

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The credits go as follow:

She-Arabesque by Esteban Morales
Psychedelicia Mushroom Head by Danalee Eston
Ilusion Femme by Dominique Thomas
Twirl Madame by Diego Hidalgo
Shewirly by Víctor Rebello
The Whorl of Babylon by Brian Doyle
Miss Twist by Todd Bell
Swirl Girl by Chip Nanco
Psyco-Delia by Kriscya Garbanzo
Hot Mess by Mark Cothern
The Sinister Serif by Ron Weaver
Lady Riddle by Roberto Torres 

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