Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Captain America, fresh as new!

A while back I started telling Cap's Adventures in my Desk over at the Facebook page; it was a one panel thing telling funny things, well not all of them were really that funny but it was nothing pretentious to begin with, so I kept it going.  A lot of things happened ever since.  At work, we moved into a new building a really nice one, I had to pack my things and get them home since no personal stuff was now allowed (don't ask), and then I had to pack my little buddy, Captain America.  He really looked dead inside of that bag, but the thing is he wasn't, there was a little spark of life living within this very light coat of plastic, so, I cheated a bit and didn't send him home.

Thing is I still have my little buddy hidden within my personal bag.  Like a spirit who's always with me, or a schizophrenic voice that tells me things, not all of them good, but who am I to judge.

Anyway, the result is still the same.  Cap is here and he will stay here, even if hidden, but he will come out and will shine in all of his glory, fighting against oppression, one desk at a time.

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