Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If you see them, it may be too late!

It looks like the entire Comics All Too Real "franchise" is changing.  And I use the quotes because I really don't know if this is a franchise at all.  I mean, there's no money involved, just fun fun fun.

Anyway, after getting burned up with an extensive post craze at the Facebook fanpage that lasted quite a few months, and a growing aggressive algorithm that forced me to do more and more to reach the very same audience, I decided that I would no longer please Zuckerberg and, instead, would diversify.  I already had a Twitter account that was basically retweeting the Facebook posts, a Tumblr account that I used only for original material, this blog that was basically abandoned and a Youtube account where I posted a couple of things through the years; so, why not mix them all?

This means a new direction for the entire "franchise".  Waaaaaaay less posts, only original material and parodies (but I guess I can make an exception here and there).  And post them all over the 5 channels I already had but never knew what to do with.

So, well, this is the kind of stuff that will be showing in the different channels as of now.  New material or parodies.  Hope you like them.  And if you have ideas, don't be shy and please share them!

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