Monday, November 25, 2013

Fan Art Friday, Session November 22, 2013

Every Friday is Fan Art Friday over at the Facebook fanpage, this means that everyone can send in their art and it gets published in the page.  It as a little something that I want to share with everyone because people love their characters and they love even more giving them a touch of themselves.

The blog may not be as "social" as Facebook, but it does have its own resonance.  I think the artists might eventually run into this post and get blown away by seeing their art elsewhere.

It's a labour of love and I just can't help it but to love the spirit behind it.

Cristina Escobar gives us a dark and cute knight! Batman!

Batman and the Joker in a never ending rivalry, courtesy of Eli Ramos.

Alonso Cordero León gives us two warriors enjoying the battlefield. 

Will Mitchell gives us a defiant Green Lantern!
Fear Sinestro! By Brian Sprau - Scratch The Surface Artworks.

Captain America lives with a fantastic retro feel. Pen & Ink Illustration by Thomas Muzzell.

Rodney Ulibarri breathes new life into the Doom Patrol!

Rodney Ulibarri features Celsius from the Doom Patrol.

Rodney Ulibarri gives us tragic movie star Rita Farr from the Doom Patrol.

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