Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lois Lane kicked off Desperate Housewives

A secret source told us that Lois Lane was meant to star in the new season of "Desperate Housewives", but it has been revealed that Teri Hatcher didn't like it that much. Not only Lois was eternally young (please hand us the secret!), but the aging Teri was also discombobulated about the fact that the character SHE played during the "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" days, got back with a vengeance and now wanted to steal her spotlight.

"One me on the set is one too many", said Teri to a friend as she trampled on a chair and walked over a cat's tail. Some say that she's been playing Susan waaaay too long. "What was she doing in here anyway? One Pullitzer isn't enough for her? Does she have to take everything I have? I could have married Superman if it wasn't for her! Oh, God, I hate her!"

Sources told us that Teri threw a monumental tantrum at the Producer's office, which lead to Lois Lane's contract getting axed. Later on that day, one of the stunt men saw Teri putting a green shiny rock in Lois's Diet Coke. Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

desperate lana lane... :P

Anonymous said...

Why can't Terry and Lois get along?? I would love to see them try to steal each others husbands on the the popular TV show. The Cat fights alone would be worth the watch

Comics All Too Real's Trinity said...

The most probable thing is that Lois didn't even notice that Teri was upset about her.

Now, if they went into a catfight, I'd root for Lois. Wouldn't you? ;)

shoeless joe said...

I'd pay to see them mudwrestle.(Actually, I wouldn't, but am pretty sure Penny from McGyver would kick both their behinds).

Comics All Too Real's Trinity said...

I had no clue Teri Hatcher had a role in McGyver! I had to google it and found some real fun facts :)

And a hideous hair cut to add.

I think this is not the last we'll hear about it.

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