Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Incredible Hulk's Pants

The question has been bugging us for ages: Why Bruce Banner's pants don't fall apart when he turns into the green Goliath? The mild mannered scientist Bruce Banner and his emerald counterpart certainly have different sizes and we're certain he's not wearing latex. Sizes don't match and it has been obvious the pants stay on. It's quite odd, yet not an unique phenomenon, just check Vampirella's bra.

We've been doing some research and we finally found the answer. The Hulk's transformation is uneven. His torso definitely changes and so does his Frankensteinesque head, arms and lower legs; but for the main part, his legs just remain the same. We caught the picture you see above before any CGI or Photoshop was used on him and this is exactly how he looks. Not very scary if you ask us, and that's why we think his coach, Stan Lee, suggested to ad a little something below the belt right after any picture is taken.

So, what do you think? Does the Hulk smash a little less now that the secret behind his purple pants is out or is he still the same appalling creature we've grown to fear and love?

We think we could now teach him some ballet.

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