Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Energizer's New Controversial Mascot

When we caught a glimpse of Energizer's upcoming ad campaign announcing their surprising new "mascot", our jaws fell to the floor. The long time mascot of Energizer had been replaced by none other than X-men's arch-nemesis, Magneto.

We spoke to the Pink Bunny's manager and he refused to comment, but we caught certain fluffly creature yelling at him from one of the other rooms.

At the same time, we reached Magneto who seemed so full of himself. He has no representative since he does all of his managing on his own and he said that this was his first step into gaining some positive awareness among the public. "I've been depicted under a very bad light as of late and that is about to change. Mutants and homoinferiors alike will see me as the powerful being I am. Today Energizer, tomorrow the wor… tomorrow some other product." We were about to comment on his last dubious words, but all of sudden all of our magnetic equipment stopped working.

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