Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thor's New Haircut Hits the Fan

Our press conference room got the about Thor, getting inspired in TV shows such as America's Next Top Model and Extreme Make-over, decided to do a full transformation of his looks. To say it was uninspired was the least of his problems. Fans are already protesting and some of them are already asking Aquaman to let his hair grow.

Marvel executives are discussing a potential lawsuit since Thor's contract established that he couldn't change looks without the supervision of the established staff. "We have a movie in progress and we can't confuse fandom with such a drastic change," said Thor's manager, "I mean, it's like Lindsay Lohan dying her hair blonde. It just won't work."

We tried to have Thor's comments on this issue, but he threw Mjolnir at us and crashed our cameras and cameramen as well, which comes as no surprise since Gods are known for their bad temper. We're considering a lawsuit as well, but we fear we might rot in hell or whatever Nordic Gods believe in, if we go against him.

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