Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Mystique Is In?

We got our hands on some private audition tapes for the upcoming America's Next SuperModel and we found Mystique's.

She's a baddie, but we do know how far bad girls can get!

Four girls have already made the cut for the upcoming ANSM. We have 8 spots for grabs. Nominate your favorite superheroine now!

(Thanks to Malakus for the picture of Mystique!)


Swinebread said...

She-Hulk and Red Sonja

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Took note already! Thanks for the nomination, now, if these girls break the set, it's your fault.

Quaxo said...

I nominate the Huntress - in the good costume, not the crappy full-length black Shania Twain body stocking. http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j36/Billiam921/Huntress05.jpg
If you need a reference. ;)

As if you did.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, lovely and kick @$$ Huntress :). Thanks for nominating her, Quaxo! We already have contestant number 7!

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