Friday, May 28, 2010

Justice League Argentina presents

If you know your geography well, you will know that there's this big country in South America, rich in traditions and history, with a legacy that runs from music and soccer, covering many angles.  Of course, we're talking about Argentina and, as you must definitely know, they do have their own Justice League.  I guess at some point both the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold must have run into it at one moment or another.  Something must have gone wrong that it wasn't published in their magazine diaries--

Anyway, we give you the Justice League Argentina!

Spider-Man de la Plata



Linterna Plata

Capitán Argentina

These images were first posted at Comics All Too Real's fanpage in Facebook.  Thanks to "Bruce Wayne" for providing them.


Mark said...

Let's not forget their quality beef.

Shouldn't that have been "You think this letter on my head stands for The Falkland Islands?"

Anwar said...

superché jajaja qué bueno

CATR's Chris said...

Mark, the Falkland Islands idea sounds great-- I'll keep that in mind.

Anwar, qué bueno que te gustó :)

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