Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Your Lantern Corps?

No, the Empire vs. Alliance poll isn't over yer, but we just had to throw the question.  If you had to choose today, which Lantern Corps would you pick?  There might be a truce right now, but we know for sure it won't last for long.

We found these fan-made posters at Matías Martin's Facebook page and we just had to share them.  They look great and are the perfect excuse to run a new poll.

Choose wisely, your life might depend on it.  This poll will last for a week.

Get your own Poll!

Black Lantern Corps

Blue Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

Indigo Lantern Corps

Orange Lantern Corps

Red Lantern Corps

Star Sapphire Corps

Sinestro Corps


Sea-of-Green said...

LOL! I'd be a Green Lantern, definitley, but I DO like Sinestro's poster. :-)

These are really excellent!

CATR's Chris said...

I voted Red Lantern because they do have a kitty :)
And these posters are amazing. As far as I found out, they're fan-made. Incredible, uh?

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