Monday, May 31, 2010

What's Your Lantern Corps? - Poll Results

Eight Lantern Corps fought for your attention in a poll that featured all of their propaganda skills.  But since there can only be one winner, we already have its name.  It may come with little surprise to many of you, so, without further delay, these are the poll result:

If you read the color blind chart well, and your skills are greater than just comic book reading, you'll notice that there's only one winner:  The Green Lantern Corps!

Let us show you how xenophobic we are by portraying this image showcasing only the human GLs, plus Killowog (who's basically human at this point.)

We approached them to have their reactions to the poll results, but only G'Nort responded to our call.  He just said: "Woof!"  We shrugged and walked away.


Anonymous said...

Missing a Corps are you not?

Anonymous said...

Correct, you are. The white corps, missing, it is.

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