Saturday, November 22, 2008

ANSM EP02-Part2 - Drowning in Genosha!

No, we didn't forget about the America's Next SuperModel contest, we were just procrastinating; plus we had to give our superheroines and supervictims some time to assimilate the new challenge.

Anyway, in the last segment we saw our eleven superheroines arriving to Genosha, which had been newly populated by some famous families, such as the Flintstones, the Simpsons, the Jetsons, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plus their sons and daughters, etc.; and then, we released a tidal wave against the island. This is what happened.


The waves arrived with no warning and the red headed warrior just jumped in front of Betty Rubble and started battling the water trying to protect this poor extra-thin innocent. The plan proved being quite lame as both of them got surrounded by water and, because of Red Sonja's armor, she began to sink. Thankfully, Betty Rubble was a great swimmer and managed to save our superheroine.

"No comments," was the only thing Red Sonja said as she walked out of her lamented situation.


There's something about Shulkie that's undeniable. When she chooses, she chooses well. "Oh, I see Mr. She-Hulk in the horizon!" And that's the last we heard of her, because when chaos started, she moved around the crowd and simply grabbed Brad Pitt and jumped out of sight, landing on the top of the nearest mountain. Some candid shots showed us She-Hulk and Brad in some very compromising moves. If Angelina Jolie survives this challenge, there's going to be so much trouble.


With a cold attitude, Aeon Flux saw the tidal wave coming and she knew she had two chances: whether try to save one of the victims and probably die in the attempt, or just get rid of the "fat".

Poor Homer Simpson, he didn't see it coming.


The water moved all too fast and Zatanna had some trouble trying to talk backwards while chocking, but still, she managed a little enchantment. "Enirambus a emoceb, Diam Tobor eht Eisor!" And so, the Jetsons' Robot Maid, Rosie, became a submarine and the next thing Zatanna was doing, was casting another spell to get inside of Rosie.

"That was clever", said Zatanna about her move. "Not only I saved Rosie the Robot, but I also saved myself using her. It was a win-win situation."

Still, as other victims continued drowning, we at Comics All Too Real central keep wondering if she shouldn't have saved a living creature instead of a robot.

In the next segment: Four new superheroines do their best to survive this challenge. Stay tuned!


Mike Mitchell said...

What... no Batgirl being rescued by Velma of Scooby-doo fame? Fun post just the same. I liked Zantana and Rosie the robot best~

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Glad you liked it, Mike. The contestants were chosen by visitors and that's how we got them. And if you liked Zatanna, keep that in mind. As soon as all of the contenders have shown what they can do, there's an elimination poll coming!

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