Monday, November 17, 2008

Clark Kent: "Sometimes Glasses Aren't Good Enough"

If you've ever asked yourself who has the best disguise ever, obviously Clark Kent's has to come to mind. The simplest one, possibly, but still the most deceiving of all. With just a pair of glasses he can foul the entire world into thinking he's just a mild-mannered journalist, son of farmers, married to super fabulous reporter Lois Lane. Or so we thought.

Well, there's something about Clark Kent's secret you didn't know. Thing is, he wears flashy shoes that don't display all too well in comic book form, but they're there. Whenever he meets someone, they just stare at his shoes and he or she just stays there. There's an hypnotic effect on his feet and no one will resist it. Try it the next time you're around Clark!
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