Tuesday, November 4, 2008

South Park Possessed by the JLA

As a result of the current Crisis, yeah, the Final Crisis, as in "no more Crisis whatsoever", some of the Justice League members got sucked into the red skies and the Anti-Life Equation fused their souls into the bodies of the South Park kids. We're still scratching our heads at Comics All Too Real Central over this, but this is a Crisis tie-in, so we won't think too hard.

Now, the question remains, how will the superkids face this mega event chaos in the size of a bunch of poorly animated children? What happened to the souls to the original South Park kids? Will there be a Post-Final Crisis event?

Stay tuned!


TF said...


You're breaking my balls, Lex, you're breaking my balls!

I'm the goddam *bleep* *bleep*ing Batman you *bleep*ing *bleep* sucker!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...


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