Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meteoro by Hero Machine

Over at Hoosier Journal of Inanity there was a discussion about online programs that allow you to design your own character using simple templates, tools and lots of nice stuff, and Jeff Hebert suggested we tried the Beta version of the new Hero Machine. And so I did. Look at Meteoro in all of his glory, standing proud in front of his Dark Castle, okay, I shouldn't name it "Dark Castle", but for now it will do.

This version of Hero Machine has some interesting tools. You can stretch any of the items and make them look just the way you want. For example, the cape was too large but I didn't want it to look that way, so I reduced it and this is how it looks. It's still Beta, which means there's still too few items or diversity of items, but it looks really promising. You should try it. I also tried a Marvelized version of Meteoro, if you're curious.

And how about naming my castle, the "Goth Castle"? Or just "Meteoro's Castle"? Or "Black Rock Castle"? I can't believe in all of these years of roleplaying I never named it. Or did I and I already forgot? Geez! The troubles of early Alzheimer.


Jeff Hebert said...

Glad you enjoyed using the new mini beta, Chris. This is a small, pocket-sized applet for a specific client so the item count's going to stay pretty low. All of the new features are going to be included with HeroMachine 3, though, which will have a huge item count like the 2.x versions.

Cool castle background, too, I really like it!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Thanks, Jeff! The castle was courtesy of... uh... the web?

Anyway, I really like where HeroMachine is going. Make sure to let us know when it's finished :D

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