Monday, October 20, 2008

America's Next SuperModel EP 01- Part 1: Save the Cheerleader, Save Your World!

After lots of debate and staff change, finally the America's Next SuperModel show is on, and tonight: our first challenge.

Twelve beautiful superheroines have been sharing rooms at the all-new all-different Hall of Justice and, after a few run-ins against each other that we'll tell you about in an upcoming segment, the first challenge is finally on.

G'Nort Mail!

All of the girls met at the War Room and Barbarella read it out loud:

"Cheerleaders are often known to be immortals, they might cheer for your cause or flunk it."

The girls exchanged glances and Emma Bishop was the only one who didn't have a question mark on her head. After a little orange glow in her eyes, she smiled. Of course, being in her path to "godhood" granted her some kind of special sight.

In no time, 12 helicopters arrived to the Hall of Justice and our contestants took 12 different paths. All of them where left on the street, right next to a really big building, while they got handed a new cue card:

"Look up!"

The next they knew, a cheerleader was thrown out of a twentieth floor window.

In our next segment, you'll see some heroic rescues and some very lamented failures…

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