Thursday, October 2, 2008

Betty Boop: What's your superpower?

As the "America's Next SuperModel" competition starts rolling, we got to see Tyra having a personal talk with one of the most unusual contestants:

Tyra: When you decided to enter ANSM, did you know this was a superhero contest?
Betty: Yes, I knew.
Tyra: And what's your superpower?
Betty: I'm supercute.

(Cricket sounds broke the audio.)

Tyra: Do you think that will be enough to make you last in the competition?
Betty: Can I answer your question with another one?
Tyra: Go ahead.
Betty: Which one of other contestants have lasted almost a century under the spotlight?

(And Tyra just smiled.)

Tyra: I wish you luck, Betty, because the competition will be real tough. A little advice, though, you should wear a hat or something, your plus size head might scare away the innocents you'd want to save.

NEXT: The first challenge begins!

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