Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America's Next SuperModel EP 01- Part 2: Falling Down!

Previously, on America's Next SuperModel, the first challenge was finally revealed as our twelve heroines were taken to 12 different locations, where cheerleaders were been thrown out of 20th floor windows.

How did our contestants do? Keep on reading.


Our green goliathress looked up in the sky and without questioning a thing, she jumped with all of her strength and speed towards the falling lady, just as she kept on smiling to the camera, since, obviously, besides the heroics, this also was a photo contest.

Too bad for Jenn, she gained too much momentum and, when she grabbed the falling cheerleader, both of them crashed against the building. It came as no surprise when our staff found out that only one lady made it—

With half a smile, the She-Hulk walked away of the scene, hoping not to be eliminated.

"Accidents happen, you know?" She said half pissed off.


Using some strange sort of science fiction eagle wings, Barbarella arrived and noticed the cheerleader falling off the building.

"Oh, my Gosh! She's falling." She observed for a few moments until she realized that girl would die if she didn’t do a thing. "If I don't do a thing, she will die!"

Barbarella flapped her weird eagle wings just as she did some super sexy poses to the camera. In some sort of 60's movie film continuity, she still managed to get there in time and grab the girl into her arms.

"Oh, my Gosh, you're so beautiful." Said Barbarella as she saw the cheerleader. "I'll have to kiss you." And she did.


Unfamiliar to most of the contestants, Emma Bishop, one of the co-stars of the now defunct Ruse comic book, part of the CrossGen line, was still surprised that she made it to the show when a new blonde cheerleader fell out of a window.

She looked around suspiciously, realizing her powers weren't meant to be revealed, but an innocent life was on the line. Her eyes glazed with orange energy and waves of wind flew towards the girl and stopped her fall until she touched ground as if she was a feather.

Elegant as always, Emma smiled to the camera proud of a job well done.

"Don't try this at home." She said looking at the camera.


Straight from Etheria, the Princess Adora arrived just in the nick of time to the site just in time to see the falling cheerleader. As quick as she could, she began her transformation into She-Ra.

By the time the transformation finished, the poor cheerleader was splattered on the floor.

"Oops," she said.

Up next, four more girls will face this challenge. Stay tunned!


Dr. Zaius said...

I vote for She-Hulk. Definitely.

As to your question, if you go to this link you can see all of the links to your blog. If you go to this link and enter your email address, it will create a an email alert of this information for you. ;o)

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Thanks a lot, this will be real handy :).

As for the voting, there will be a poll once the 12 contestants have gone through the challenge and one will be eliminated.

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, yeah, DEFINITELY She-Hulk!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Looks like Shulkie has a big fan base, lol.

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