Friday, October 24, 2008

America's Next SuperModel EP 01- Part 3: Tricky Girls

Previously, on America's Next SuperModel (EP01-P1), (EP01-P2), four superheroines tried to save four cheerleaders that were thrown out of 20th floor windows. While Emma Bishop and Barbarella saved their girls, She-Hulk and She-Ra failed miserably.

Today, a new group of four super-heroines will do their best to succeed on this task.


The sexy icon of the 30's arrived in a black limo just in time to see the blonde cheerleader fall. Betty stared at the girl for a nanosecond and reacted as quickly as she could, doing all kind of poses in front of the camera, displaying the girl falling right behind her.

Betty managed to perform 15 incredible shots before the cheerleader splattered against the floor.

"I'm so sorry for her, but if I weren't going to save her, the least I could do was being pretty while failing." Said the contestant while the photographer nodded in agreement.


If there's something to say about the Huntress is that she's efficient. As soon as she arrived, she shot her rope against the building and against any law of physics or logic, she balanced herself right into the trajectory of the falling cheerleader. The Huntress grabbed the girl by her waist and took a couple of mortal summersaults landing on the floor as if they were both weightless.

The cheerleader's hair was a mess, but Helena managed to keep her looks perfect in front of the camera. Toughening her voice, in a tone that reminded Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, she said. "I'm the Huntress." It was real sexy if I might add.


This first season we have two survivors of the CrossGen Universe. Giselle is the second one, and she's a Sigil Bearer with the ability of magics and hotness. As Giselle noticed the cheerleader falling to her death, the sigil in her palm glowed as she extended her hand and giant flowers rose from the floor, grabbed the girl and put her gently on the floor.

With moves that reminded Witchblade, Giselle combed the girl's hair with her hands. "I'm really sorry they put you through this. Thankfully I was around. What do you think about going wild tonight at disco in town? I know places," and she smiled.


When Mystique realized what the challenge was all about, she told everyone to stay back as she ran to the site where the cheerleader would impact. The blonde girl fell behind some trees and statues, but after a few seconds, we all saw the cheerleader walking to us with a sense of gratitude.

"Mystique saved me. She's wonderful," said the cheerleader, "please support her in this contest. She's just the best." And she walked into the building. A few seconds later, Mystique came out of that very same building. "I did great, didn't I?" There was something suspicious about her, but we let her go, after all, she saved the girl, didn’t she?

Up next, the last four girls will face this challenge. Stay tunned!


DiegoDNM said...

¡Oye! Que no Heroics es de verdad... ¡vela!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Se ve superbuena! Lástima que no corre en mi país (para variar). Voy a buscarla por otro lado para verla. Gracias por el link, Diego.

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