Monday, October 27, 2008

America's Next SuperModel EP 01-Part 4: Cheerleader who?

Previously, on America's Next SuperModel (EP01-P1), (EP01-P2), (EP01-03), the second batch of four superheroines faced the challenge of saving four cheerleaders falling out of 20th floor windows, and while the Huntress and CrossGen's Giselle managed to save theirs, Betty Boop failed while still looking beautiful and Mystique tricked everyone into thinking her cheerleader survived when she really did not.

Today, a new group of four super-heroines will do their best to succeed on this task. Keep on reading.


When Zatanna arrived it was a pandemonium. Dozens of paparazzis arrived to the scene and started to take shots of the superheroine as she walked out of her carriage. Fishnets do have that effect in men and she was well aware of this. With a glance she noticed a blonde girl falling off a building and, while she winked at a photographer she said: "Ednolb eht evas!" She waited for a few seconds that were followed by a strong "THUD!"

"Oops!," said Zatanna as she shrugged. "She must have been a fake."


It was evident the She-Devil with a sword wasn't all too comfortable with this show. We don't know why she joined, but now that she was here, she wasn't going to fail.

And there she was, in front of a giant castle, er, building, and a young lady falling off of it. Red Sonja ran as fast as she could, but when she realized she wasn't going to make it, she threw her sword against the girl and pinned her to the wall. It was painful, quite painful, but the cheerleader managed to survive.

"Get me off of here!", screamed the cheerleader.

"Oh, ungrateful witch!", complained Red Sonja as she was getting back into her limo.


Some judges say Aeon Flux is too thin to be a superhero and that she might send the wrong message to young girls. Well, they might be right. When Aeon Flux arrived in a motorcycle to the site of her challenge, she saw the cheerleader falling off the building and jumped around with moves that matched both a spider and a panther. As if she was one of the Flashes, she arrived just in time to intercept the falling girl, and she did grab her, but they both fell down because of the blonde's weight. Aeon Flux barely managed to survive, but the girl didn't.

With an annoyed look she stared at the camera crew and made a gesture with her fingers that we're not allowed to reproduce.


It was Squirrel Girl's chance and she arrived just in time covered in squirrel fur and showing her all new squirrel nails. She was ready for anything, and as soon as she noticed the falling cheerleader, she whistled and thousands of squirrels came out of nowhere and created the most comfortable flying cushion that covered the blonde and landed as if surrounded by a soft bag of air. Squirrel Girl arrived to the scene of the saving and allowed all of her furry friends to surround her as she enjoyed the extent of the photo shoot. Too bad the cheerleader was allergic to such little animals.

"It could be worst," said Squirrell Girl with a smile.

Up next, you decide which superheroine gets eliminated. Stay tuned!


Sea_of_Green said...

Ha! I didn't know magic didn't work against fake blondes! ;-)

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Magics are terrible. You can never, never trust them. Just ask the stain on the floor that used to be the cheerleader.

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