Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Green Beetle Sues the Blue One

Comics All Too Real's sources informed us of a relative of Ted Kord's that lives in the United Kingdom. You must have seen him briefly in his cameo appearances at the "No Heroics" TV show.

"I cashed heavily on my cameo," admitted the Green Beetle, "the producers stalked me for days until I agreed on making a guest appearance. It was a candid quick shot, but still, my fans are pleased." It looks like the British counterpart of the Blue Beetle suffers from the same delusions of grandeur, because not even locals ever heard about him; and we did ask around. He claims it’s a result of some villains brainwashing, but we didn't buy it.

"Anyway, we've heard about a lawsuit you threw against your Blue Beetle counterpart. Is that true? What are the charges?"

"He's been using my beetle costume for ages without permission! It doesn't matter if he changed the basic color, it's still mine!" The Green Beetle really started to bloody loose it. "I trade marked it both my costume and color variants for my name, you know, Green Beetle, Red Beetle, Pink Beetle, and obviously, Blue Beetle, and it turned out that he stole it and has been breaking the copy right laws! I'm suing him for everything he has!"

"We've know for sure he has nothing."

"It doesn't matter! I'm fighting for what's rightfully mine!"

We approached the Blue Beetle for comments about his cousin's lawsuit but he made so little sense. Ted made a lot of noises, fumed a lot and cursed a lot, we tried editing the curses out of his sentences but there was so little left that we couldn't even publish it.

Expect more of this news as it unfolds.


DiegoDNM said...

De esto se ha hablado en toda la blogosfera XDDD

Por cierto, creo que el personaje es una langosta.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Sí, hace un tiempo vi la serie. Muy buena, por cierto. Y sí, el personaje es una langosta.

Claro, para CATR me sirve más si es primo de Ted, jeje.

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