Friday, December 19, 2008

A Serious Squirrel Girl Message

Of course, she's assuming she's getting votes from her fans at the America's Next SuperModel poll, but that wouldn't be so true. At least we do know there's certain Wargo that wants her sooooo dead.

Anyway, she also passed some fliers for her supporters. You can whether print them and glue them to your walls or, well, just watch it.

Before voting, check out how our contestants performed.

Aeon Flux, Red Sonja, She-Hulk and Zatanna
Barbarella, Betty Boop, Huntress and Squirrel Girl
Giselle, Mystique and She-Ra

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The Dude said...

heh hilarious stuff man, will make sure to drop by as often as I can.

TF said...

I posted a pretty awesome video over at the consortium, you should check it out!

also, is it wrong that I find Squirrel Girl attractive?

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Glad you like my stuff, Dude.

TF, I'm checking the Consortium right now!

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