Saturday, December 13, 2008

ANSM EP02-Part4 - Deception!

The latest challenge is still on!

Eleven superheroines arrived to Genosha, which got populated by some seriously famous families, such as the Flintstones, the Simpsons, the Jetsons, etc.; and then, we released a tidal wave against the island.

This is how the previous girls performed:

Aeon Flux, Red Sonja, She-Hulk and Zatanna
Barbarella, Betty Boop, Huntress and Squirrel Girl

And this is the last group:


This girl was in some serious trouble. She had to save this people but her powers wouldn't be of much help.

"This challenge is not just about powers, it's about smarts." She admitted before things started rolling.

And so, she moved through the crowd before the water hit them, punched little Pebbles in the face and simply became her!


So far, the girl had been feeling a little left out because no one knew about CrossGen, the comic company that used to publish her sigil-bearer storyline. But she knew she was better than the other girls and that's exactly what she told all of the other ones. Saying no one was willing to help her would be the understatement of the year. Still, she had a plan.

"The other girls will know they're no match for me", she said to the camera as she did a quick conjure and created a bubble that surrounded her and little Pebbles, keeping both of them afloat as she kept holding onto the baby girl to get just the right shots.

"Everybody loves Pebbles. I'm so into the next episode."

Little did Giselle know she was actually saving Mystique in disguise.


Princess Adora was feeling rather excited about this new challenge, all she had to do was to use her magic sword and bring in her might. Too bad she relied too much on it.

"Where is my sword????" It was nowhere to be found. We did a little tracking and we found this on the web:

Princess Adora had to be saved by the production crew. Obviously, she failed blatantly at her challenge.

Coming up next, the Elimination Poll! Stay tuned!

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