Sunday, December 21, 2008

Betty Boop Kicked Off America's Next SuperModel?

The poll is speaking for itself and so far, Betty Boop is the candidate most likely to be kicked off the show tomorrow. She's heading the Elimination Poll and if voters don't help her by voting for another contestant, she'll be out way sooner than she expected.

There's been a video going around that shows her performing some very naughty activities that caused her banning from certain scenes. Watch and judge it yourself.

And if you want to vote, here's the poll. Remember, votes are counted against the candidates. The one with the most votes, will be eliminated tomorrow!

Before voting, check how our contestants performed in the previous challenge.

Aeon Flux, Red Sonja, She-Hulk and Zatanna
Barbarella, Betty Boop, Huntress and Squirrel Girl
Giselle, Mystique and She-Ra

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Fabulástico said...

In the MTV cartoon series «Drawn Together» Betty Boop is depicted as an olda hag with a drinking problem that cuts herself to release the pain. That says it all about her. :)
(personally I love her. she is so politically incorrect.)

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I just love "Drawn Together". All cartoons should be like that, heehee!

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