Monday, December 1, 2008

ANSM EP02-Part3 - Sexy Water!

Genosha is drowning under a giant tidal waves and the 11 contestants of America's Next SuperModel have been sent there to save some famous families that were living in the island. So far, Aeon Flux, Red Sonja, She-Hulk and Zatanna already played their turn. In this segment, we'll see four more super-heroines deal with this life or death situation.


As soon as she saw the tidal wave coming, the Huntress put her acrobatic skills to use. Dodging the waves and swimming underwater, she managed to avoid the pressure and the strength of the sea. When she finally regained some control over her senses, she noticed certain man floating with his head down. Moving fast, the Huntress fired one of her arrows carrying a rope that tied him like a whale. When she finally got to him, she saw his face and untied him, letting him sink like a rock.

"He was a caveman, for God's sake!" she insisted, "I'm sure there's a wife out there who's embracing her vidowhood right now."


As soon as the first tidal wave hit the island, Betty Boop got thrown into the water. She cried for help and thought this would be it for her: not just her last episode in the program, but the end of a very successful career so far.

"Help me, help me, I can't dive, I can't swim, I don't know how to do anything." She started to sing and luckily for her, a frail raft took her out of the water. She started coughing the salty water out of her lungs when she saw a dog drowning not very far from them. "Oh, mamma, what can we do?" And one of the strange creatures that had saved her, threw a rope to the water and brought Scooby-Doo onto the raft.

She held onto the dog seeking comfort as the sea level went down. "I saved him!", she claimed, "I passed the challenge."


When she saw water all over the places, Squirrel Girl just panicked. "I liked to bath occasionally, but that was ridiculous", she admitted later. She was starting to drown when she noticed Angelina Jolie floating half conscious. "I had no clue implants would be such life savers!" Not asking permission, she grabbed Angelina and made her kiss a wall. Using the actress' super suction powers, they managed get stuck against the wall, finding a safe spot for both of them.

"We were lucky", Squirrel Girl admitted later, "she could have figured it all out by herself, but if I hadn't discovered her Bratz lip powers, we'd be both dead."


For Barbarella it was a quicky. First she sank into the water, then a winged man took her out of the sea and brought her to his nest and this is what happened:

It looks like Barbarella didn't save no one and definitely didn't accomplish her task. We wonder how good she'll do in the next poll.

Coming up next, the last three contestants do their best to get the fans support!


Vivir en Tucson said...

Barbarella es una de mis favoritas. Has visto esta?:

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Ese video de Galaxina está genial! Fijo lo voy a usar en un futuro post! Gracias por el dato, Tucson!

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