Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Watches the Blue Beetle?

After his failure at getting the role of Spock at the newest Star Trek movie, the Blue Beetle got contacted by a new agent, Willie Shaftum, who offered him the role of the Owl in the upcoming Watchmen movie. We don't know the details, but certain promo ads are already out just like the one above. It looks like the Blue Beetle is finally succeeding at something.

We caught a little conversation that we include next:

INTERVIEWER: Is it true that you got a part in the Watchmen movie.


I: Which role is it? A cameo appearance? A super-villain? A damsel in distress?

BB: Nope! I'll be playing the Nite Owl.

I: Are you sure? We know for sure that role has already been cast.

BB: (DRAMATIC PAUSE) Who watches the Blue Beetle?

I: Certainly, I won't.


Elwood said...

Will you quit picking on Poor Dead Ted already? You're going to give him a complex.

I'd like to see him play Rorschach, personally. hrrrmm.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I'm actually bringing him back to life ;)

At least that's the plan, lol, a one man campaign to remind everybody why we miss him.

TF said...

he just can't get a break can he?

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Let's just say he's having a hard time getting a gig.
Still, he's not giving up, this should count for something.

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